The Mitico RDTA

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The Mitico by E-Phoenix is a top of the range RDTA with a diameter of 16mm for an MTL vape, up to an indirect restrictive vape.

The first 16mm RDTA on the market will delight those looking for extreme flavours.

We made a small tank (RDTA) to avoid frequent opening of the top cap to check if the cotton is still wet. To know when to squonk again, you just have to take a look at the tank.

Deck :

Its deck has been designed to offer an unsurpassed ease of mounting. It is made of brass and plated 24K gold. This rebuildable stainless steel sprayer offers a 2-pole mounting plate. It allows mono-coil mounting. This wonderful deck system allows the coil to be placed very easily using a pin and tightened with two screws located on the poles.

Coil assembly :

Machined housings on the deck allow for an axis to be positioned up to a diameter of 3mm to place the coil and then simply tighten both legs of the coil by means of two stainless steel screws.

Atomizer chamber :

The atomization chamber is very compact, which gives it a dense vapor that reveals the aromas to the fullest. The Mitico is perfect for lovers of MTL or indirect restrictive vape.

Top caps :

Together with this RDTA, we deliver a top cap that has two air holes, which allows you to play with either one or two open holes. This helps you find your ideal vape.

Materials used :

As with all E-Phoenix products, The Mitico is built using noble materials:

We use 24k gold brass for the electrical connection parts.

For insulators, we always use peek which is the best plastic insulator.

The body and the remaining parts are built using high-quality stainless steel.

The black color treatments are high-quality PVD.


Diameter: 16 mm

Length without drip tip : 21mm

Weight: 0.025kg

Capacity: 0.5ml tank

Connector 510

Materials: stainless steel, peek, ultem, gold brass


1x The Mitico RDTA 16mm atomizer

1x Replacement gasket kit and screws

1x allen keys

1x drip tip 510 flavor

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