Hurricane Junior

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Hurricane Junior has 22,7mm diameter and a 3mm PMMA tank.

The adjustable airflow offers both the option of tight vaping (2mm deck) or more of an aerial experience thanks to the 5mm deck. Its drip-tip is made of Delrin ® and offers an impressive, transparent flavor rendering. This is a Swiss made product of the highest quality.

Now delivered with 2 deck holes: 3mm and 5mm.

Technical specs:

Diameter: 22mm

Length: 48mm

Weight: 40g

Connector #510



Stainless steel, brass, 24K plated gold, PMMA, and Delrin ®.


The box contains:

1x The Hurricane JR

1x Kit with replacement joints

1x deck 2mm

1x deck 5mm

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg

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